Elev8 Studio deliver various types of DevOps support to small to medium sized businesses looking to scale their web applications. Services that we offer include application containerisation using a popular technology called Docker, and automated infrastructure deployment using Terraform by writing infrastructure as code. Our team will work with you to assess and deploy the best solution.

Develop with Docker

Developing and deploying containerised applications with Docker is a fantastic way to improve reliability and reduce bugs in your software. We will help you to configure a containerised development environment that matches your production servers. Making the switch to using Docker in your organisation may feel daunting, but with a bit of training and patience, you will quickly start to see the benefits outweigh any hesitations you may have. The great thing about Docker is that it provides a consistent development, staging and production environment for each of your applications and for every member of your team. 

Deploy with Terraform

Terraform is a brilliant new technology that allows you automate the deployment of your network infrastructure across all cloud platforms. Imagine being able to create blueprint-like configuration files that techno-magically interact with cloud-based APIs to automatically generate your required infrastructure. Our team will get to know your business so that we can design your infrastructure as code, and provide you with a fast and reliable means of deploying the infrastructure for your products and services.

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